2023 round up!!!

Holy kilts and bagpipes, 2023 was a wild ride in the world of Aberdeen weddings! As your favourite Aberdeen wedding photographer, I've gotta spill the tea on all the love, laughter, and epic moments I had the pleasure of capturing this year.

From the charming cobbled streets of Aberdeen to the lush, rolling hills of the Scottish countryside, these weddings were like scenes straight out of a rom-com – and I had the best seat in the house! We're talking spontaneous dance-offs, lovey-dovey glances that could melt glaciers, and a fair share of happy tears. Seriously, folks, I might've shed a tear or two myself (blame it on the romance).

But let's get real – these weddings weren't just beautiful; they were a riot of fun! Picture this: ceilidh dancing that would make your granny proud, and wedding parties that knew how to turn it up like rock stars. Aberdeen knows how to throw a celebration, and I've got the pics to prove it!

As your go-to Aberdeen wedding photographer, my camera and I were on a mission to capture the essence of each unique love story. Whether it was an intimate elopement or a grand affair, I was there to freeze those moments of pure magic in time.

So, here's to the couples who made 2023 unforgettable – your love stories are etched in pixels and hearts forever. If you're gearing up for your own Aberdeen wedding shindig, let's chat! Your love story deserves to be captured in all its quirky, heartfelt glory. Let's make some picture-perfect memories together in 2024!