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Yes, that's me with a couples little doggy! I'm really hoping a friend sent you my way as it proves I'm doing something right. I really do love what I do and it's such an awesome job. I'm not sure how much you want to know about me?! I like to think I'm an alright guy. I like to chill out with my family and I have a major Lego obsession. One of the most favourite things I love to do is to have a lazy day in bed with my wife and two kids watching a movie.

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I've had every hair do under the sun pretty much. I used to have a skin head when I was younger then as high school came around I changed a little. I was always more of a punk rocker! Listening to anything from death metal to pop punk and had the hair dos to go with it! I also went through the emo stage (yes I had the fringe), then there was the proper punk stage when I shaves the sides of my head and had a massive mohawk that I put up with PVA glue!

Eric Pollard

My summer job as a teen was working at the famous Bervie Chipper (in Stonehaven) as time went on I worked there more and more and became a fryer! I once cooked Eric Pollard's fish supper, which he was a massive fan of!

Baby induction

Here's one to semi boast about how serious I take weddings! My wife has always known weddings come first before pretty much anything else! So when the doctor's said they'd manage to induce my wife's labour on a Saturday mid summer I chipped in and asked if they could do it on the Sunday instead! Thankfully it was all good and we all went in for the induction on the Sunday instead!!

Here's my life as a wedding photographer!