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I'm here to tell your story, but you might want to know about mine first! I'm Calum and I've been a wedding photographer for almost 15 years!

Hello! I'm Calum and thanks for stopping by!

It's mad, isn't it? When you say it out loud "I hang out and take photos at weddings and people pay me for it" I honestly love being such a big part of a wedding day. It's just crazy to think that I've shared the most important day of couples' lives with over 200 different couples over 10 years. Whether that's in a registry office in Aberdeen, the side of a Loch in the Scottish Highlands, the grounds of a castle in Aberdeenshire or in someone's back garden. I'm often asked where my favourite place to shoot is, but my answer is the same every single time. I don't care where I shoot, as long as it's with an awesome couple.

I take a very fly-on-the-wall approach to my wedding photography. I want my images to be authentic and reminiscent. Of course, I will guide you when I need to but I'd prefer you were yourselves as a couple in front of the camera. I always explain to couples that the images you see in my portfolio won't be you. The photos we create on your wedding day will be. To show off your personality as a couple, rather than a catalogue of posed images.

I've also been a family portrait photographer longer than a wedding photographer. I've created memories for 100s of families over time whether that's in your home or on location. Again my approach to families is very similar to weddings—very off-script and very much capturing the true personality of your family.

When I'm not taking photos I'm a dad to Amy & Kit and trying to be the best husband to my wife Kimberley of 3 years. I'm also doodle daddy to our Goldendoodle Arlo and fluff daddy to our two cats Avery & Dunphy. We love travelling as a family to the likes of Disney World and New York as well as mini-breaks around Scotland too. I'd definitely not be doing this if it wasn't for their love and support of being away most weekends over the summer and Kimberley becoming a self-described 'wedding widow' over the height of summer!


  • Major lego geek - I've got 40+ sets!
  • Bit of an introvert but weddings bring me out of my shell!
  • I've only ever been a photographer!
  • I have 2 kids and a wife but my dog is still my phone lock screen!
  • I love travelling with my family!
  • My Spotify playlist would go from Taylor Swift to Blink 182 to Kill Switch Engage pretty quickly!
  • My TV playlist would go Parks and Rec to Modern Family to Superstore to TWD and of course The Simpsons!
  • I'm so laid back that I'm almost horizontal but I know how to whip a wedding into shape!

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Wedding photography and videography Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh, Aberdeenshire, Inverness, West Coast, St Andrews



Wedding Photographer Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Inverness, Aviemore, Stonehaven, Perthshire