Please enjoy yourselves the night before, and have fun. Meet each other's family you’ve never met and have a good time with your parties when you separate for the evening. But remember not to take it too far! Save that for the actual wedding day!


Make sure you have enough space to get ready in. The prep room can get very busy very fast. Think about yourself, 3 bridesmaids, a mum, MUA, hairdresser then a photographer and videographer. Do you have enough room? If not then it might be best to have access to adjoining rooms. Or think about a cute and bright nearby airBNB.

Make sure the room you’re getting ready in is clutter free. Put away all food trays, suitcases, carrier bags, clothes etc. Think about the bodies in there then add bags etc. 


Do you want photos of your dress, shoes, jewellery etc? Make sure it’s all out and ready for me to grab to photograph. Think rings, perfume, shoes, hair items, ties, cufflinks, watch and so on.

Have a think about where your dress could be hung up too. And on that note, if you have matching hangers for your dress, please put them on before.


If you want cute pictures together wearing matching robes or pyjamas make sure I know about it. Again we can set aside some time and it’s a good time to match this in with giving gifts if that works.


We all think getting dressed won’t take long. You’ve tried on the dress before… But have you done it on the morning of a wedding?

When you’re trying on your dress in the shop or with your seamstress make sure you have the person with you who will be getting you dressed on your wedding day. Save your future selves and film this moment too. If you get stuck on the wedding day then you can refer back to your video. I’d highly recommend doing this when you put your dress up for the evening too.


Make sure a bridesmaid, mum, or someone knows how to remove your veil when you’re over it! Usually, once you’ve done your family pics and halfway through the couples you might want to remove it, or alternatively just before your meal. Rock it all day if you’re really keen! 


Plan to be ready at least 20 mins before you head off to wherever you’re going. Again think about the time it takes to get dressed. Will the MUA & hairdressers need photos? Do you want to do a first look with someone who is taking you down the aisle? Is there anything missing? Do we need to get anyone there? 

Discuss with your beauty team the need to leave some time on the other side.


First looks are great. If you plan this make sure you have time for it! It’s a lovely time to take a moment together, maybe exchange some gifts and you’ll get some lovely photos without the pressure of your guests. Afterwards, you can walk down the aisle together or still go the traditional route.

If you aren’t planning to do a first look together, you might consider doing a first look for dad/bridesmaids/or whoever is walking you down the aisle. It’s a super sentimental moment and I love it!


This can be a super sweet moment. If you are in a car with mum or dad or another special someone, make sure you both sit facing forward. If there’s anyone else in the car, let them out first. I can hop in their seats or shoot from the front seats and get a couple of super sweet shots of you both together.

When you exit the car, take your time and maybe only have that one special person to help you out. You don’t need an army to help you out.


If you’re getting gifts for each other or for your bridal/groom parties then wait until I’m there! Set aside a few minutes and you can hand them out in the morning. Make sure I know about these too so I don’t miss it! 


Remember, kilts aren’t a 10 min thing. It takes longer to get into a kilt than you think. Have everything ready and even think about trying on the kilts the night before so nothing is missing. Also, make sure to iron shirts etc the night before. 

I’ll work out a time with you to head over to the boys and go from there. Often I’d like you to be in your shirt and kilt before we get shots.


How fast are your reactions? Probably not the fastest, and neither are mine! We are always expecting the kiss but come on! It’s your first kiss as a married couple! Don’t snog but let’s go for a 2-3 second kiss! Going in for a hug or a second kiss after is a super sweet moment too! 


This is an important one if you want that classic ‘confetti shot’ where there are loads of confetti floating all over the place. You need LOTS of confetti for this. So many couples underestimate how much you need. Buy enough confetti for each guest to have a generous handful. Don’t use unnecessary plastic bags as they’ll just end up on the floor.

Do try and use lovely petals or otherwise use lovely colourful biodegradable confetti from the likes of paper chase! 


This is your breather. You’re away from everyone and no one comes with us. At most it might be me, you guys and the videographer. I don't allow anyone else on this shoot.

Don’t worry about leaving your guests for 20 mins or so. They’ll cope without you fine. It’s a wonderful time to just be together and I’ll get some lovely shots you’ll want to frame. 

Be yourselves, we will give you that safe space to be cuddly, kissy and romantic. Trust the process and love the results.


Make sure you have your good shoes and your functional shoes! Sometimes you might want to swap your heels for wellies or trainers or something that can get us into slightly more rugged areas that will be worth it.


Fancy a sparklers exit or something like that? Make sure you think about the time of the year and if it gets dark before your coverage finishes. Sparklers need a bit of organisation and usually at this point folk are a little merrier. So I’ll take over this and set it up.

You should buy 14” sparklers and also hand-held blow torches to light them.


During the ceremony, please think about having an unplugged ceremony and get all your guests to hide their devices. There’s nothing worse than getting some super sweet shots of you coming down the aisle and there’s someone sticking out with a phone.

I know that it’s super easy to write up speeches and readings on phones. But please print these out onto paper. It’s super easy to bury your face into phones.

If you’re nervous about it, just think about keeping the speech simple and to what you know. Don’t try to think up elaborate things for it. Also your phones can give off a blue light that really shows in video.


Hold your flowers lower than you think. You don't want to be covering anyone's face! I’ll do my best to keep you right but sometimes there’s a lot more going on. I always set the bride up and then just tell the bridesmaids to hold their flowers at the same height! 


Annoyingly golden hour isn’t at the same time all year round! Sometimes it’s at 3.30pm or sometimes it’s at 11.30pm. Or the location of your venue might affect this too, big trees or big hills might affect the time of sunset too. 

So often this can fall when you’re having your meal, after your meal or even after your dancing. But go with it…if you see me appear and ask you to go out for sunsets then it means…IT’S TIME TO GO FOR SOME SUNSETS!! Of course, finish the course you’re on if it’s during your meal but get out there as soon as possible. I’ve seen the sun disappear by the time we’ve actually managed to get outside.

I’ll try my hardest to keep you right with the timings though!