your day

What's going to happen on your day!? Every wedding is different, but here's a rough idea of how I photograph weddings.

Bridal prep

Usually arriving half way through the morning around an hour and a half bride the dress goes on, I'll come in and photograph the goings on in the morning. From the details to the make up and the girls altogether. No real structure and no real in your face, just chilling with the girls!

Groom prep

The groom prep is usually shot by a second shooter (additional) however I can often shoot the groom getting ready if it's in the same location. Similar to the girls getting ready the groom prep is just documenting the guys in the morning having a laugh and trying to get dressed. More often than not I end up helping them get dressed myself!

the ceremony

The most important part! The ceremony is always super nice. During the ceremony I just document it as it is. I like to subtly place myself up near you both and get the bride walking in and emotions and reactions throughout the ceremony. The love and happiness that goes on during the ceremony is amazing1


People often describe herding cats easier than herding wedding guests! This isn't to say that we can't have fun during them though! Often after the ceremony I will do a big group photo of everyone followed by about 8-10 immediate family group photos. You'll nominate one person from each side of the family just to make sure I have everyone I need for the groups!


Once we're done with the groups I like to immediately head off with you both for some couple photos. My thought is that the sooner we get the photos done, the sooner you get back to the party! We will just go for a little walk around the venue, going as far as you wish. Some venues will require a little car journey and others can be done right outside! Often I'll take you both out again after your meal for a quick 5/10 mins of sunset or night time photos.


Almost my favourite thing to do on a wedding day is to get lots of candids. Going into a subtle ninja mode allows me to wander about your guests mingling and get lots of photos of people enjoying themselves. I even love to just chat with guests hear and there and have a laugh too! I like fitting in with your guests so they can relax a little more in front of me, this has resulted in some seriously funny photos!


Just as important than any other part of the day! I'll photograph lots of detail photos throughout the day to help set the scene and tell your story. I'll photograph establishing shots of the venue, the entrance, the ceremony set up, any floral displays, your dress, bouquet and other little details. Throughout the day I'll also photograph your cake and reception set up too. You've put a lot of effort and attention to detail into the day and I'll be sure to photograph it all!


Another part of the day I'm a big fan of! By this point most people have chilled out and indulged themselves fully in the day (if you know what I mean!). It's a fun time to get lots of candid photos of everyone dancing. It's a great idea to go into a ceilidh dance within the first few dances (the gay gordon is ideal!)