Meldrum house hotel wedding venue in aberdeenshire, scotland

getting married in aberdeenshire and want a wedding in a 13th century castle with a modern twist?

If you're looking for No Ordinary Place, as Meldrum House calls it, to get married then look no further! Meldrum House runs one of the smoothest operations I've seen on the wedding scene! These guys know exactly how a wedding should go and they absolutely nail it. Couple that with the amazing surrounding and you've got yourself one of the best places to get married in Aberdeenshire! I should know, it's where we got married!

why do i love meldrum house?!

Well apart from getting married there's a great all rounder. They have so many rooms that partially the whole wedding could stay there. It's such a big place that more often than not both parties can get ready there in the morning and it's so easy for me to split my time between both preps in the morning, or alternatively you can get a second shooter to shoot the alternative preps!

On the day everything it built to run as smoothly as possible. With the division of the foyer and the ballroom it is so easy to move guests between with a bar on each side to keep everyone happy.

The patio area is perfect for family group photos and for those to mingle, especially in the height of summer!

Let's not forget the highland cows too! A staple for a traditional Scottish wedding! We can head round there for your couple photos and over to the stables, using the iconic pink arch and of course the statement stairs at the front of the house too!

it's easy to book meldrum house!

Just get in touch with Kim at Meldrum House and she will be more than happy to give you a tour of this fantastic Scottish wedding venue!