Gifr booth self hire

So you've hired the gif booth for your event! What's next!?

First things first, collect the booth! The booth is collected from 5 Charleston Road, Cove, AB12 3ZL. My number is 07528145314.

The contents

  1. The light unit
  2. An iPad Pro
  3. iPad charging cable
  4. 2x GIFR Booth batteries
  5. Front plate
  6. Tripod
  7. Adaptor cable
  8. Battery charging cable
  9. Bag

Setting up the booth

  1. Set up the tripod and extend one set of the legs as to not have the tripod too high
  2. Mount the ring light on top of the tripod and tighten thumb screw. It’s best to set the ring light facing out towards one of the legs sticking forward
  3. Mount the magnetic battery to the back of the ring light and attach apple cable and ring light cable (turn on battery when you’re away to use it)
  4. Remove face plate and turn on iPad (there’s no password) and to to Gifyyy App
  5. Click on continue event. Click on save settings. 
  6. Once the screen is ready and says ‘Touch Me’ you can go ahead and turn on the dial at the bottom left of the ring light. Adjust it the brightness until you’re happy.
  7. You’re ready to have fun!

Using the booth

  1. Press ‘touch me’, a countdown will follow and it’s time to make your moves
  2. You can press ‘enter phone number’ for the GIF booth to send the GIF to your phone or again. All images are saved and will be sent to you later. If the signal is not good then the files won’t be text but will be sent upon uploading after the event.
  3. After you’ve done this you’re all good to go again!


  1. Turn off the battery when you aren’t using it
  2. Each battery will last approx 4hrs