Chance meeting and an adventurous shoot

I actually met Kieran by chance and it's actually kind of a funny story. I meet a lot of my couples at the Craftsman Coffee Shop in Aberdeen, where Kieran works. He'd see me come in and out sometimes 2/3 times a week at the start of the year. So we got a chance to chat often and one day we laughed and joked that it looked funny I was always meeting couples on my own. As an outsider with no idea what I do, then I guess it does look strange!

I told him I was a wedding photographer and I met my couples there, which made everything so much clearer and less dodgy looking! Kieran actually told me on the sideline that his then girlfriend, Becca - now wife and himself were heading over to Italy soon and he was going to propose to her!

Luckily everything all worked out and after his very own meeting at his work, they booked and the rest was history!