Barra barn wedding venue in aberdeenshire, scotland

one of the most unique scottish wedding venues in aberdeenshire!

Barra barn is an awesome purpose built wedding venue in Aberdeenshire. It’s a lovely big modern rustic barn. Think barn conversion but polished a little bit more!

Its perfect setting allows for uninterrupted views across the sprawling fields leading up to the iconic view of Bennachie. 

why do i love barra barn?!

I love Barra barn because it’s a unique venue to get married at. Lots of variety for venue locations like in the huge ballroom, at the cosy fireplace or out on the picturesque lawn. 

The small cottages allow for both parties to get ready there separately. Although it would mostly be for the immediate wedding party. 

The generous grounds of the castle are amazing for photo opportunities from the tree swing to the lovely drive at the front of the castle as well as the view of Bennachie at the bottom of the garden. 

it's easy to book barra barn!

Get in touch with the lovely Sarah and she would be more than happy to get you in for a tour!